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High Quality Work- The quality at American Block Machinery encompasses all facets of the business. Our quality is a repeatable process and is visible in every project we do.

Excellent Dependability- We abide by our deadlines and always ensure that the products are delivered to our customers/clients at the right time.

Honesty- We Believe in doing business with honesty, integrity, transparency, and a great heart for others. At all times we provide you with a clear outline of what it is that we do and what we are doing for you. At American Block Machinery, all of our products are guaranteed under high-quality, testing before delivery to our customers and there are no unlisted addition to quote any unnecessary alterations

Good Customer Service- We keep our customers well informed throughout every stage of the production process. Quotations are submitted in a timely manner; orders are promptly acknowledged and the manufacturing process is monitored on a daily basis on ensure on-time delivery

Respect- we treat our customers the way we want to be treated. Our customers have come to trust American Block Machinery and the work we do. We work alongside our customers, big and small, to make sure their unique needs are met. By working alongside our customers American Block Machinery provides that experience and expertise that sets us apart from our competitors.

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  • 1. For us to start any production 50% downpayment of the cost of any machine for us to proceed
  • 2. 25 % must be deposited after the completion of the machine
  • 3. The other 25% must be deposited upon pick up of the said item
  • 4. We are no longer keeping completed machines after 30 days; a storage fee of 3% will be applied


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Merchandise such as caps, pens, t-shirts and key chains will be given to our loyal customers annually

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The latest machine is cutting edge Machines

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